Vintage Car Radios: We’ve Got Them at Andy Bernbaum’s!

  I just love old radios, of every kind. There is something about listening to a vintage radio that connects you to the past in a way that very few things can do. The warm sound that comes from a tube radio is just so much nicer than a modern solid state one. The gentle glow of the dial light at night is so cozy.  And the way the sound comes up SLOWLY as those tubes warm up. I think it’s just the greatest! Hundreds of vintage radios We’ve got about 100 vintage radios in stock here at Andy Bernbaum’s, Read More


Winter is Coming. What Do You Want to Accomplish Before December 1st?

OK I know, slow down! It’s currently 88 degrees here in Boston and we have plenty of great driving weather left before the snow flies. BUT it occurred to me over the weekend that I have a long list of projects that I would really like to accomplish before my cars go into deep dark storage for the winter. Of course for all you lucky folks in the sun belt, or who have toasty heated workshop/garages you can disregard this idea. But for the rest of us, it’ time go start whittling away at that “to do list” if you Read More