Replacement Glass for Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and DeSoto: Here’s Some Information That Can Help You Make Your Car More Attractive and Safer Too!

Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts has glass

If you are dealing with an antique or vintage Chrysler, Plymouth, DeSoto or Dodge car or truck there is a pretty good chance that you’re going to need to replace glass at some point, and it’s a good idea. Cracked, chipped or delaminated windshield or windows is ugly and is a safety issue too. We deal in a lot of glass here at Bernbaum’s, here’s some factoids to consider.

1930- 1939

The flat glass era…until 1939 every piece of glass on in the MoPar line was flat, and we have patterns for all of it. Any piece of glass you need for these cars we can supply in modern safety glass. We’ve got flat one piece windshields, two piece windshields, flat door glass, flat vent windows, flat rear windows, etc. All in your choice of blue tint, grey tint or clear.

Rubber window gasket is also no problem. We’ve got anything you could possibly need, including windshield rubber, rear window rubber, vent window rubber, quarter rubber, window channel and window sweeper


Still flat glass all the way around EXCEPT the rear windows. Curved rear windows came out in 1940. These rear windows are EXTREMELY rare, are not reproduced and are expensive! BE CAREFUL with our rear window on these cars, and if you are buying a car that needs one be prepared to fork over some $$$ for a good used one. We’ll find it for you if you need help.

We’ve got the windshield rubber, rear window rubber, vent window rubber for pretty much all these cars, no problem. And, all the flat glass windshields, door windows, vent windows and quarter windows you’ll need.


The first generation of curved windshields came out, and this era is REALLY confusing. Many different windshields and rear windows for the different models and brands. A level of complexity that drives us (and customers nuts.) We have counted over 24 part numbers for the front and rear window gaskets on these cars, and that was just for 1953-1954. Be prepared to work with us and be patient if you’re working windows on these years. We have MOST of the rubber profiles developed, but are still learning. We are the foremost experts on rubber window gasket for these cars, and are pretty much the only supplier in the world for most of it. Suggestion: KEEP SAMPLES OF YOUR OLD RUBBER< DON’T THROW IT AWAY! We may need it…


Many different windows, and MANY different window gaskets for the MoPar product line. Virgil Exner and his $100,000,000 Forward Look styling made windows and window rubber pretty complicated. Some of this stuff we have in fully molded windshield and rear window gaskets, some is available only in extruded strip. The challenge with these cars, especially 1955-1956 is the position of the chrome exterior trim. Some cars had none, some had chrome on sides only, some had it all around, some had the exterior sun visor option which was really just a heavy piece of chrome across the top of the windshield . We have many of these windshields reproduced brand new, clear and tint…and most of the rubber weather stripping. Let us know what you need! We’ve got windshield rubber, rear window rubber, roofrail weatherstrip for for four door hardtops, quarter window divider rubber, and many of the curved windshields and curved rear windows.


Availability on glass becomes easier on these cars…with the exception of Imperials. Kind of reminiscent of the Airflow era, early 60’s Imperials had unique windshields and rear windows, and had different versions for the different body styles. Aside from Imperials (which we are working hard on) we’ve got most of what you’ll need.