Evolution of Chrysler, Dodge and DeSoto Hemi Engines

Evolution of Chrysler, Dodge and DeSoto Hemi Engines: A Brief History from Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts

Chrysler Corporation was late to the game with V8 engine power. While Ford and Cadillac had been mass producing V8 power plants since the 1930’s Chrysler continued to power their top of the line cars with flathead straight 8 power right up until 1950. But when Chrysler finally did enter the V8 arena, they did it with a bang! The iconic Chrysler “Firepower” Hemi V8 came out for the 1951 model year and was a sensation, beating the overhead valve Cadillac V8 by 20 horsepower and powering the Hemi equipped Chryslers to Caddy beating 0-60 times too. In one fantastic Read More