Vintage Car Radios: We’ve Got Them at Andy Bernbaum’s!

Andy Bernbaum's has vintage radios


I just love old radios, of every kind. There is something about listening to a vintage radio that connects you to the past in a way that very few things can do. The warm sound that comes from a tube radio is just so much nicer than a modern solid state one. The gentle glow of the dial light at night is so cozy.  And the way the sound comes up SLOWLY as those tubes warm up. I think it’s just the greatest!

Hundreds of vintage radios

We’ve got about 100 vintage radios in stock here at Andy Bernbaum’s, and we can also restore the original radio from your car. We build them out in a bunch of different ways. Some guys like to restore them to BONE stock, that means just AM radio.  Some guys like to have that original AM tube sound, but with an MP3 plug installed on the side so that they can play their personal music from their I Phone right through the original tube radio. And some of our customers go for the full “hot rod” build…that is modern AM/FM components, MP3 jack, even Bluetooth. ALL housed in the original radio case so that it looks bone stock.

I’ve got cars with bone stock AM radios….and I’ve got them rigged for AM and my IPhone Mp3 jack. Love them both.

Listening to old radio on vintage radios

There is nothing like touring in our 1948 Chrysler New Yorker listening to top hits of 1948 or original 1948 radio shows playing through the car’s original MoPar 802 radio. That is about the closest to time travel you are ever going to get! UNLESS you go one step further like one of our customers: He’s got a 1939 Plymouth, with an original Motorola 601 radio we built for him, rigged with I phone connection. He’s ALSO got a tape of the entire broadcast day from a station in Washington DC….from a day in September 1939!

This series of tapes is easy to download. 12 hours long.  Anyway, our friend drives around in his 1939 Plymouth, listening to an original live radio broadcast from 1939, through his original 1939 radio….and get this: he does is on  the EXACT day of the original broadcast and syncs it up so that the TIME CHECKS are accurate!!

Now THAT is time travel!

If you want to turn your vintage Dodge, DeSoto, Plymouth or Dodge into a time machine, give us a call. We’ll get you there.

Do you have any great old car radio stories??