Winter is Coming. What Do You Want to Accomplish Before December 1st?

Andy Bernbaum's is ready for winter!

OK I know, slow down! It’s currently 88 degrees here in Boston and we have plenty of great driving weather left before the snow flies. BUT it occurred to me over the weekend that I have a long list of projects that I would really like to accomplish before my cars go into deep dark storage for the winter.

Of course for all you lucky folks in the sun belt, or who have toasty heated workshop/garages you can disregard this idea. But for the rest of us, it’ time go start whittling away at that “to do list” if you want to get it done this year.

’48 New Yorker

On the ’48 New Yorker I’m a little worried about the feel of the brake pedal…is it getting a little spongy? Not as firm as it once was?  Maybe that drive up to the annual WPC club meet  in Maine last September knocked something loose…anyway no putting that one off. Need to check the master cylinder,stop light switch, wheel cylinders and hoses.

Another thing I want to do on the big New Yorker is break out my recently purchased Amco tool and get the brakes adjusted correctly.  The big “8” stops pretty well but without dialing it in with the Amco I know there is more  stopping power that I can still get. Gotta get to that one.

Then there is the little stuff….the emergency brake flashers that used to flash but don’t anymore….the left directional indicator that blinks on the outside but not on the dashboard, etc etc.

’65 Imperial Crown

Projects on the ’65 Imperial Crown include installing new hood insulation,  replacing the upper part of the speedometer cable , removing and painting the grungy valve covers and air cleaner and installing the neat new decals we have…oh and maybe installing the new door hinge stop on the drivers door, like so many of these great cars mine is broken…gotta get that one done.

Those are just a few of the boxes I want to check. How bout you? What are the jobs you look forward to doing this fall on your vintage Plymouth, DeSoto, Dodge or Chrysler? Which ones are you dreading.

How do you like to work? Do you go out in the garage after dinner? Lucky enough to be able to turn wrenches during the weekdays? Or are your missions confined to weekends

Whatever you need to accomplish you know we are ready for you with most of what you need, and if we don’t have it we’ll send you to someone who does.

Anyway, have fun and keep us posted on YOUR projects!